Dog Training Tips

Does your dog know basic doggy obedience commands? Does Fido come when you call him, even if you aren’t holding a treat? If not, it’s time to take your canine buddy back to school! Proper training is very important, both for your pet’s safety and the safety of others. Read on as a local London, ON vet lists some helpful dog training tips.

Start With The Basics

Dogs can learn up to 165 words. While Fido’s favorites might be Bacon, Walk, and Car Ride, the five most important ones he should know are Sit, Stay, Heel, Come, and Lay Down. Start with these important commands. Teach one at a time, and make sure your pup truly knows each command before you move on. Once your furry pal has these mastered, you can move on to advanced training, or show him some cute tricks.


If you give your four-legged student a report card with gold stickers on it, he’ll probably just try to eat it. Food is a great reward, but you’ll probably want to offer Fido something a little more palatable. Pieces of deli meat, hot dog bites, bits of kibble, and smaller doggy treats are all good options. Just be careful not to go overboard: if your furry pupil gets too full, he’ll probably fall asleep in the classroom.

Keep It Pawsitive

Don’t work with your canine pal when you are moody, stressed, or anxious. Your pooch will quickly pick up on your feelings, and may develop a bad association with training. That’s definitely not going to help! Also, don’t bore Fido with long, drawn out classes. It’s better to work with your furry friend for 10-20 minutes a day than to try to keep him engaged in a weekly two-hour class.

Don’t Confuse Your Pet

When teaching your furry buddy to respond to vocal commands, be sure to use the same phrasing each time. For instance, don’t tell your canine companion to ‘Lay Down’ one day and then the next day say, ‘Fido, leave the cat alone and go lay down right now.’ This will just confuse your dog! While we know that dogs are often absolutely adorable when they’re confused, it’s best not to overcomplicate the training process.

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