Summer Safety Hazards for Cats and Dogs

Summer is here! With the warm breezes and sunny days come a few pet hazards to be aware of. Fortunately, it just takes a few simple precautions to keep your dog or cat safe. Learn more below from a vet in Riverbend, ON.

Heat and Humidity

Head and humidity can quickly lead to dangerous heatstroke and dehydration. That’s why it’s important that you don’t leave your pet outdoors for long periods of time; allow them back indoors where it’s comfortable and cool. Always provide a dish of cool, fresh water for your pet to drink from. Try exercising them outdoors in the cooler morning or evening hours, when the sun isn’t directly overhead.

Outdoor Pests

When your pet does venture outdoors, pests like fleas, ticks, and parasitic worms are just waiting to take a bite. Don’t let your dog or cat fall victim to these pesky critters! Have your pet wear a high-quality heartworm medication to fend off worms, and keep them updated with a flea-and-tick preventative to avoid infestations and infections. Talk to your vet right away if your animal friend isn’t already set up with these medications.

Toxic Plant Life

There are plenty of toxic plants and flowers out there that can harm pets, and cases of poisoning increase in frequency when the weather heats up and pets start spending more time outdoors. The list includes philodendron, rhododendron or azalea, dieffenbachia, the sago palm, various types of aloe plants, lilies, tulips, daffodils, elephant ear, ivy, oleander, and much more. Ask your vet what types of toxic plants are common in your area, and remove any offenders from your garden or landscaping at once.

Pesticide Products

The products that you spray on your garden and lawn can also prove harmful to your pet. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and the like are almost certainly toxic to your animal friend! Use caution when spraying chemicals; keep pets indoors, and don’t let them come into contact with grass or plant life that’s recently been treated with pesticide products.


We’re more likely to keep doors and windows open this time of year to allow comfortable, warm breezes into our homes. That presents an escape hazard for our pets. Keep your animal companion properly identified with ID tags on the collar, an updated microchip, or both.

Does your pet need identification measures or pest-control medication? Schedule an appointment at your Riverbend, ON veterinary clinic!

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