Help Your Pudgy Pet to Lose the Extra Pounds

Nearly half of all domesticated dogs and cats are overweight. Do you think your pet falls into that category? If your animal companion could stand to shed a few pounds, use these tips from a Riverbend, ON veterinary professional.

Visit the Vet

Before taking any action, set up an appointment to see the vet. With a proper examination, your veterinarian will be able to determine whether or not your pet is, in fact, obese. From there, you’ll work together to develop a diet and exercise plan that will allow your pet to return to a healthy size.

Portion Size

Many times, a change in portion size is all that’s needed to get your pet back to their healthiest self. Overfeeding is a leading cause of obesity amongst pets—never free-feed your companion, which means leaving food out at all times for your pet to eat as they please. This is a quick path to obesity! Ask your vet about a measured portion size for your companion, and always take away uneaten food 20 minutes or so after mealtime.

Diet Change

Sometimes, a pet’s diet just isn’t providing the right nutrients. If your pet is receiving a budget food with a lot of empty calories, it’s high time for an upgrade. Consult your vet for a recommendation on a high-quality, nutritionally balanced food that suits your pet’s age and breed. This will keep your pet’s entire body healthy and keep the weight regulated.

Daily Exercise

There’s just no getting around it—your pet will need to exercise if you want them to lose the excess weight they’re carrying! For our canine companions, brisk walks around the block and fun play sessions in the back yard will be in order. Cats usually like chasing around laser lights, strings, or fun toys that mimic prey animals, like fake mice or birds. However you do it, make sure your companion gets moving on a daily basis to burn those calories!

Tips About Treats

Try to limit treats to the occasional indulgence or use them as tools for obedience training. Giving your pet a lot of treats or table scraps for no real reason is only contributing to unnecessary weight gain.

Does your animal friend need help shedding excess pounds? We’re here to help you in your pet’s journey back to a healthy weight. Set up an appointment to see your Riverbend, ON veterinarian today!

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