Walk Your Dog Week

Did you know that the first week of October is officially Walk Your Dog Week? (We know, for many of you, every week is Walk Your Dog Week.) However, this is a great time to take a nice, long stroll with your canine buddy. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp and clean, and there are all sorts of delicious seasonal coffees to try. Just be sure to always put your furry pal’s safety first. A London, ON vet offers tips on walking Fido below.


Your dog should have a sturdy leash, one that won’t snap if he lunges at something. Retractable leashes are great, but they can be dangerous in some situations, such as along busy roads or in dog parks. Most dogs are fine with collars, but some pooches, such as small dogs and brachycephalic pups, really should have harnesses. As for you, wear shoes with good traction. This is especially important in winter! You may also want to designate a specific jacket for walking Fido. Keep the pockets filled with doggy treats, waste baggies, gloves, spare keys, a phone, a cordless phone charger, a flashlight, and anything else you may need. You’ll only have to grab one thing on your way out the door!

Paw Care

Don’t forget that your canine pal is running around barefoot! In winter, Fido can get painful abrasions from chemical deicing agents, and/or walking on snow, sand, ice, and salt. In summer, your pooch can get burns or blisters from hot or harsh surfaces, especially when his feet are wet. Keep your pup’s claws trimmed, and use paw balm to protect his sensitive paw pads.


Make sure your four-legged buddy knows basic doggy obedience commands, such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. This is very important! Proper training can stop Fido from running off or approaching strange dogs or dangerous areas.

Night Time

You’ll want to take a few extra precautions when walking your furry friend after dark. Stick to well-lit, familiar routes, and wear reflective clothing. You may also want to get a reflective leash for Fido.


In winter, take extra care, especially when there is fresh snow. The snow can hide dangerous objects, like broken glass. Also, keep Fido away from frozen bodies of water.

Please reach out to us, your London, ON vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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