4 Ways to Keep Your Cat Active

You may have noticed that cats are, well, rather sleepy. Fluffy is very cute when she’s curled up in her bed, or sprawled out on the floor in her favorite sunbeam. However, your feline pal’s fondness for sleeping does make it easy for her to gain weight. Your pet’s diet will play a large role here, but it’s also important to keep her active. But how does one go about getting a cat to exercise? A Riverbend, ON vet offers some tips on keeping your kitty moving in this article.


Make sure your feline buddy has lots of playthings to amuse yourself with. Cats all have their own taste when it comes to toys, so offer Fluffy a variety, and see what she likes best.


Toys are great, but Fluffy will have much more fun with a playmate. Take a few minutes a day to hold a laser pointer for your furball, so she can chase that little red dot. Or, hold a wand toy for your pet to bat at. You can also keep your cat active just by occasionally picking up one of her toys and tossing it down the hall. Chances are, your kitty won’t be able to resist charging after it!

Kitty Furniture

Get your feline friend some furniture that encourages her to jump and climb. Cat towers are great for this! You can also offer Fluffy catwalks, pet tunnels or tipis, or kitty activity centers. Sprinkle catnip on your cat’s furniture to make it more enticing for her.


We recommend that cats live indoors: Fluffy is much safer and healthier staying inside. However, if you want to let your pet safely explore the outdoors and get some fresh air, you can try walking her. Some cats really enjoy taking daily strolls with their humans! You’ll need to get your furry pal used to her leash and harness by letting her wear them indoors, under supervision. If this goes well, try taking your furball outdoors for a few minutes, and see how she reacts. If she seems scared, don’t force her. (It’s probably worth noting that if your cat likes her walks, she will expect them, and may soon have you trained to take her out daily.)

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