Dog and Cat Microchip Basics

Have you recently adopted a pet? Considering adding a furry friend to your home soon? Identification is an important step for your companion’s safety. Below, your London, ON veterinarian goes over the basics of microchip identification for your dog or cat.

What Exactly is a Microchip?

A microchip is simply a tiny computer chip that contains an electronic number. This number references back to the chip manufacturer’s database, where your pet’s contact information is stored. When a lost pet finds themselves at an animal shelter or vet’s office, specialized scanners there can scan the chip and find the number, allowing the professionals to get the lost pet returned to the rightful owner.

It’s important to understand that a microchip will not allow you to track your pet’s movements in real time. That would require GPS technology, which isn’t included in pet identification microchips. You can find this kind of technology in other devices on the market, though!

What’s the Benefit of Microchips?

A microchip’s major advantage over ID tags on the collar is that it’s permanent—your pet can’t remove their microchip in any way. Even if an unexpected escape occurs, your pet will be identified no matter what! Many pet owners use microchips and ID tags at the same time for maximum identification effectiveness.

Another great benefit of microchips is that they’re highly cost-effective. You only have to purchase one for the entirety of your pet’s life! Even if you move or get a new telephone number, you won’t have to purchase another microchip. Simply contact the manufacturer and have your database information updated.

What’s the Procedure Like?

The microchip itself is housed in a small capsule made of glass; this capsule is injected under your pet’s skin with a specialized hypodermic needle device. It only takes a moment or two, and all your pet will feel is a slight pinch. It’s just like a regular vaccination!

Is There Any Risk?

The microchipping procedure is virtually risk-free. Though rare, minor side effects like swelling, irritation, and redness around the injection site can occur. These will almost always dissipate on their own after a few days, though.

How Do I Get My Pet Microchipped?

Are you ready to have your pet microchipped? Want to know more about the microchip implant procedure? We’re here for you and your animal companion! Set up an appointment with your London, ON veterinary clinic today.

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