8 Surprising Benefits Of Playing With Your Cat

Do you play with your feline friend regularly? If not, you may want to start! Regular play sessions are actually great for your cute pet. A Riverbend, ON vet lists some great reasons to play with Fluffy regularly in this article.


You may have noticed that cats get a bit lazy as they age. Even a few minutes of jumping and pouncing can help your furry buddy stay in shape, and keep her from becoming obese. You don’t have to worry about overexerting Fluffy: if she gets tired, she’ll just quit the game and take a nap.


Cats are always cute, even when they’re sleeping, but they are extra adorable when they’re playing. Watching your furball trying to catch that elusive red dot may be just as entertaining for you as it is for her!

Unleash Fluffy’s Inner Predator

Kitties are predators by nature, and are instinctively driven to pounce and jump. This is a great way to let your tiny lion indulge her inner huntress.

Beat Kitty Boredom

You may not think that boredom is a big concern for cats, but our feline buddies can and do get bored. If Fluffy has nothing to do but stare at the walls all day, she may become irritable, depressed, and unhappy. You don’t want that!

End Midnight Play Sessions

Young felines are basically furry, four-legged bundles of energy. They also aren’t very concerned with our schedules. If Fluffy is waking you up at night by batting her toys around or pouncing on your toes, tire her out with a fun play session before bed.

Making Friends

Have you recently introduced a second or third kitty to your household? Cats can take a while to get used to each other. Playing with your feline pals together can help break the ice between Fluffy and Mittens, and teach them to associate each other with good things … like catnip.


Kitties are very lovable, and can get extremely attached to their humans. Playing with Fluffy is a great way to develop and strengthen that special bond we have with our pets.

Mental Stimulation

Those tricky pounce/jump combos require planning and concentration. This is great mental stimulation for Fluffy! This can be very beneficial, especially as your furball ages.

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