Doggy Paw Care Tips

Fido’s furry feet are pretty adorable. They’re also absolutely crucial to his mobility. They help him run after his favorite toy and jump for joy when you come home. They also act as shock absorbers when your pet jumps off the couch he wasn’t supposed to be on. Taking care of your dog’s paws is very important! A London, ON vet offers some doggy paw care tips below.

Trim Fido’s Claws

Overgrown claws are more than a mild inconvenience for dogs. Your canine pal may shift his gait to compensate for the discomfort they cause. Over time, this puts a lot of stress on his bones and joints. This can exacerbate painful conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia. Keep those claws trimmed! If you aren’t comfortable giving Fido a pawdicure, call us to schedule one.

Use Pet-Friendly Products

When you get de-icing agents, always choose pet-friendly ones. The regular ones can be toxic, and are also pretty harsh on dogs’ paws!

Wipe Your Dog’s Paws

When you bring Fido in from outside, wipe his paws down with a damp cloth. In winter, this will help get snow, salt, sand, and de-icing agents off your dog’s feet. In summer, it will remove pollen, dust, and trace chemicals from lawn/garden products and pesticides. (Bonus: it will also help keep your home cleaner!)

Do Some Training

Does your pup hate having his paws touched? Teach Fido that he’ll get a delicious treat when he does a cute trick, like Shake or Gimme Paw. You might be surprised at how well this works!


Just like human skin, doggy paw pads can crack and chafe. Use paw balm or wax to protect your furry pal’s paws.

Inspect The Paws

Inspect Fido’s feet regularly. You’ll want to look for visible problems, like cuts or swelling. Remember to check between your dog’s toes: ticks sometimes lodge there.

Trim Toe Fur

Does Fido have tufts of fur growing between his toes? If so, you may want to clip these. They can gather ice balls in winter, and pick up mud, gum, and other gunk in summer.


As you can imagine, it isn’t very fun walking around barefoot in winter. Buy or make Fido some booties to protect his feet.

Please contact us, your local London, ON vet clinic, if ever we can be of assistance. We are always happy to help!

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