Signs That Your Cat Is Sick

As you may know, kitties tend to be pretty secretive when they are sick. In fact, cats often mask signs of illness. Therefore, it’s important to watch for warning signs. A London, ON vet discusses some common ones below.


We all know that cats love exploring nooks and crannies. It probably isn’t a cause for concern if you find Fluffy curled up inside a box or paper bag, or sleeping under the bed. However, if she doesn’t want to leave her hiding place, she could be sick.

Poor Grooming

Unkempt fur is often a red flag. Healthy cats are very diligent about their daily beauty rituals, and can spend hours each day grooming themselves. If Fluffy is sick, she may not feel up to her usual routine. Before long, her coat will start looking matted, tangled, or greasy.

Change In Appetite/Thirst

Kitties are known for being finicky, but even the pickiest cat should show some interest in her food. If your furball is ignoring her dinner, she could be ill. Sudden increases in appetite can also be a warning sign, as are changes in water consumption.

Reduced Interest In Play

Being sick can really put a damper on Fluffy’s mood and energy levels. If your normally-playful kitty suddenly loses interest in her usual shenanigans, she may be ill.

Tummy Troubles

Just like people, cats sometimes get upset stomachs. However, if your feline friend is frequently afflicted by vomiting or diarrhea, there may be something more going on with her. Litterbox issues are also a red flag. When you change Fluffy’s litter, keep an eye out for changes in the amount, color, texture, or smell of her waste.

Respiratory Issues

If you notice your kitty wheezing, coughing, rasping, or having any sort of difficulty breathing, call your vet immediately. Respiratory problems are extremely dangerous for cats!

Unusual Behavior

This one requires a disclaimer, as unusual behavior is more or less purr for the course with these little furballs. What you want to look for are things that are unusual for your feline buddy. For instance, if Fluffy is usually cuddly, but suddenly hisses when you touch her, she could be sick. Changes in vocalization are also red flags.

If you notice any of these symptoms in your cat, please contact us, your London, ON vet clinic, immediately. We’re dedicated to offering excellent veterinary care!

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