And Meow, A Word About Cat Furniture

Does your cat have a few pieces of furniture that she doesn’t have to share with her humans? If so, that’s great. While Fluffy will somehow manage to get by if she has to sleep on your bed or couch, your feline friend really will appreciate having things made just for her. A London, ON vet offers tips on choosing cat furniture below.

Scaredy Cats

Is your furry pal on the timid side? Fluffy may enjoy pieces that offer her hiding spots. Pet tents or tipis are a good option. Kitty condos with enclosed levels are another good bet. (Tip: try to give your timid pet at least one hiding spot in every room, so she always has a place to retreat to if she gets scared.)


Baby cats are absolutely adorable! Purring kittens are one of the best things in life, as far as we’re concerned. Your little buddy will be very interested in mastering all of those claws and teeth. Offer your furball pieces that incorporate fun toys and tunnels. A good scratching post is also a must.

Senior Cats

When your feline pal enters her golden years, she’ll be much more interested in napping than in hanging upside down from a cat tower. Offer Fluffy pieces with comfy beds and napping spots. Choose things with the lowest level close to the ground, as they will be easier for your pet to climb.

Multiple Cats

Do you have more than one feline? If so, you’ll want to get things that can fit all of your furry buddies at once. Otherwise, Fluffy and Mittens may fight over who gets to use the cat tower! (It may also interest you to know that the furball who gets the top perch is officially the ‘boss’ kitty.)

Cats That Like Heights

Many cats like high vantage points. This makes purrfect sense: Fluffy wants to keep a close eye on her kingdom and servants, but doesn’t really have a great view from floor level. Get your pet a floor-to-ceiling cat tower, or install some kitty shelves or a catwalk for her.

All Cats

If there’s one thing all kitties have in common, it’s a love of naps. No matter how old Fluffy is, she’ll appreciate comfy beds!

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