7 Reasons Not to Take Your Cat to Work

June 22nd is Take Your Cat To Work Day! This sounds like a cute idea. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy kitty cuddles throughout the day? But is bringing Fluffy into the job really a wise move? As it turns out, probably not. A local Riverbend, ON vet lists some purrfect reasons not to bring your kitty to work with you in this article.

Shoelace Attacks

Many of our feline buddies are very frisky. Kitties’ playful antics are of course adorable to watch. However, Dave in accounting may be less than thrilled when Fluffy zeroes in on his shoelaces.

Pen Addiction

Kitties have a few adorable quirks that we may never entirely figure out. One that may come into play here is Fluffy’s apparent inability to resist knocking small objects off desks. Your furball may spend the day whacking pens and other small objects off people’s desks!

Plant Destruction

Studies have shown that keeping plants around helps filter the air. They also add a cozy, welcoming touch to any room. Of course, your feline pal won’t care about those things. In fact, Fluffy may try to eat the office plants.

Sleeping On The Job

It’s probably safe to say that your pet would spend a chunk of the day sleeping. While Fluffy probably won’t get fired, this could be a bit detrimental to general production. After all, it’s hard to look at a purring kitty and not want to snuggle up with her!

Lunch Tactics

While Fido may be the most talented beggar among our four-legged patients, Fluffy is no slouch here, either. Any co-worker who happens to bring in a tuna sandwich for lunch may find themselves faced by a very interested furball. That could get a bit awkward.

Privacy Concerns

Cats may be loving and loyal, but those things don’t necessarily mean they respect boundaries. Fluffy may very well end up following people into the bathroom!

Chair Theft

Another reason to keep your kitty at home? She’d very likely hop around from chair to chair all day. This may not go over well with management, especially if they get scratched trying to get their chair back! This may be the dealbreaker that gets Fluffy fired!

Please contact us, your Riverbend, ON vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. We’re here to help!

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