Taking Photos of Your Pet

All American Pet Photo Day is coming up on July 11th. We’re more than happy to celebrate this occasion! Who doesn’t love adorable pet photos? It’s probably safe to say that, at any given time, many of you have tons of cute pet photos on your phones. However, if you want to take your photography skills to the next level, read on! Here, a local London, ON vet offers some tips for getting great shots of your furry best friend.

Time It Right

Timing is everything! If you want to get a playful picture of Fido, snap him when he’s feeling frisky, such as before dinner. Or, to capture a regal photo of your cat with that adorable smug look on her face, schedule Fluffy’s photo shoot for after dinner.


Good lighting is a must! To take advantage of the best natural light, schedule your pet’s photo shoot for dawn or dusk, when the light has a golden glow.


Choosing the right setting can make a huge difference. If you have a furry bundle of energy on your hands, opt for a quicker shutter speed. Burst mode may also be helpful, as is the continuous focus option. If you have a smaller pet, check to see if you have a macro setting. This often works better than the zoom feature.

Choose The Right Background

If you have a pale dog, you probably won’t get a great photo of Fido against a white wall. Look for spots that offer some contrast with your pet’s natural coloring.


Most people take photos of their pets at an angle. Try getting down on the ground, so you can shoot from eye level. This can make a huge difference!

Bring Out Their Personality

Does Fido have a favorite stuffed animal? Does Fluffy love her box? Including these things can help bring pets’ personalities into the photo.


Props can really take pet photos to the next level. Snap a photo of Fido wearing a bow tie, or of Fluffy wearing reading glasses. Just be sure to put safety first. Don’t use anything that could choke or injure your model. Also, don’t leave pets unattended with their props. Finally, don’t force your furry buddy to wear clothing if they aren’t comfortable.

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