Benefits of Brushing Your Cat

Cats are pretty good about cleaning themselves. Fluffy may spend hours each day carefully cleaning her fur. However, she’ll definitely benefit from having a helping hand. In this article, a local London, ON vet lists some of the key benefits of brushing your feline friend.

Comfy Kitty

Just like people, cats look and feel better when they are clean and well-groomed. Dust, dead fur, and dander can make our feline pals quite itchy. This will also decrease the insulating abilities of your pet’s coat. Although Fluffy is pretty diligent about cleaning herself, she may still need help. Older cats, obese kitties, and pets with medical issues may have trouble caring for their own coats.

Less Fur Everywhere

Many people owned by cats are constantly finding fur stuck to, well, pretty much everything. Brushing your cat will help a lot with this! You’ll be grabbing that dead fur with a brush before it ends up on your sofa. Or your chair. Or your shirt.


We think longhaired kitties are super cute. However, Fluffy will need some help with all of that fur. Our feline buddies often get tangles, especially under their ‘arms’ and legs. Brushing your cute pet regularly will help get rid of tangles before they turn into mats.

Health Check

Brushing Fluffy gives you a great chance to inspect your furry buddy for signs of illness or injury. Keep an eye out for things like heat, swelling, skin problems, fleas, lesions, bumps, and other warning signs. Also, take note if your pet flinches when you touch a certain spot. Call your vet right away if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Less Hairballs

Hairballs are definitely not the best part of having a cat. They’re no fun for either you or your little buddy! When you brush your kitty, you’ll be removing dead fur before she swallows it. That means less hairballs, which is a bonus for both you and Fluffy!


Kitties are very independent, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like being pampered. In fact, Fluffy loves being spoiled. When you take time to brush your furry pal, she’ll know you’re doing something for her. This will help your furball feel loved and safe, which will help keep her happy and purring..

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