Things Cats Just Don’t Care About

Cats are full of interesting little quirks. Fluffy may be small, but she certainly has some very strong opinions about certain things. For example, your furball is probably very fond of boxes, sunbeams, and comfy beds, but decidedly less enthusiastic about baths, car rides, and loud noises. However, there are some things that kitties really just can’t be bothered to care about either way. A London, ON vet lists some key ones below.


Fluffy certainly lives by her own rules. Your furry pal will nonchalantly ignore you when you call her, and may revel in doing things she knows she shouldn’t, like jumping on the counter. That’s pretty rude, but your kitty clearly isn’t concerned with that!

Your Sleep

If there’s one thing cats take seriously, it’s their sleep schedules. Yours? Not so much. Fluffy isn’t shy about walking over her humans in the middle of the night, or nudging them to move over to make space for her. Your kitty may also smack you with her paw to wake you up when she wants breakfast.


Our feline overlords also aren’t particularly concerned with your privacy. Some cats even try to follow their humans into the bathroom!

Your Furniture

To be fair, your furry little diva isn’t trying to tear up your things when she’s doing her nails. Cats have a very strong, instinctive urge to keep their claws sharp. That said, it is a bit suspicious that Fluffy will sometimes ignore that expensive scratching post you bought her, and go for your favorite armchair instead.

Wildlife Populations

Did you know that cats kill billions of small birds every year? Fluffy certainly isn’t losing any sleep about declining wildlife populations. This is just one of many reasons we recommend keeping your tiny lion indoors. Let your ferocious furball hunt toy birds, instead of real ones.


Fluffy is capable of some amazing gymnastic feats. One almost has to wonder if our feline pals follow their own laws of physics. They don’t seem too worried about the regular ones!

Her Waistline

Fido may have built a reputation for loving food, but Fluffy isn’t far behind on this one. Some of our feline patients are becoming quite the little butterballs! Don’t let those cute meows cajole you into overindulging her.

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