Our Careteam

Nicole B.
Hospital Manager, Registered Veterinary Technician
Nicole couldn’t imagine going to job where she does the same thing day in and day out—she loves that every single day is unique. Since she already had a passion for dog behaviour and training, as well as an interest in client education, marketing, and management, her position at Oakridge is the perfect fit!

Nicole grew up south east of London, and got her start in the veterinary world in her high school’s co-operative career program. She attended the University of Guelph at Ridgetown, graduating in 1998. She came to Oakridge in 2005, where she now serves as a Registered Veterinary Technician and the Hospital Manager.

As a Registered Vet Tech, Nicole particularly enjoys helping a family adjust to bringing a new member into the home. She likes to ensure that a puppy or kitten will be a positive, lifelong addition to a family.

Outside of work, Nicole likes spending time in Longmont with her husband, where they enjoy boating, going for walks on the beach, and relaxing with friends. She also loves to train her dogs—Nicole has two Border Collies, Rowan and Keen, who both compete in agility. Keen placed 7th in 2017’s world dock-diving competition in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Rowan placed 8th at ACC Nationals in Canada!
Registered Veterinary Technician
Growing up in the country, Danika and her family constantly kept pets. Since animals have always been a huge part of her life, she understands the gifts animals can bring. As a Registered Veterinary Technician, she gets to do everything she can to foster the important bond between pets and their owners!

Danika attended the University of Guelph’s Ridgetown campus for her veterinary technician training. After graduation, she passed the registration exam with flying colors and was very excited to be offered a job at the clinic she had served in during high school. The technician there mentored Danika and helped her form into a well-rounded, skilled Veterinary Technician.

Recently, Danika moved back to the area after working at a clinic in Toronto and serving as a seasonal zookeeper at the Toronto Zoo. One of the technicians Danika worked with in Toronto referred her to Oakridge Animal Clinic, and Danika gladly accepted a job offer.

Nutrition is of special interest to Danika, and she’s currently working on her nutrition specialty. The complex process of determining therapeutic diets and seeing those diets have a positive impact is the ultimate reward for her. She’s also passionate about animal communication and client education.

Danika has one dog, Mala, and three cats named Ling Ling, Nafari, and Odin. She’s also been an avid horseback rider and trainer her whole life.

In her spare time, Danika likes to make art and enjoys sketching, painting, and crocheting. Some of her art has even been sold, and a few pieces have been shown in the Art Gallery of St. Thomas! Danika also loves running with her dog and training for marathon events.
Registered Veterinary Technician
As a teenager, Mandy would drive by Oakridge Animal Clinic and see people playing with their dogs behind the building. Soon after that, she was volunteering here. She’s now a Registered Veterinary Technician and has worked at the clinic for 14 years!

Mandy was born and raised in London with her two sisters. After volunteering at the clinic, she was hired on as a Veterinary Assistant while she was in Vet Tech school. After her graduation in 2005, she moved to the Registered Veterinary Technician position. Mandy has a special interest in dentistry, and particularly loves seeing a patient come in with a dirty mouth and leave with fresh breath and white teeth. She also enjoys treating infected wounds, hearing pet stories from clients, and playing with the clinic cat.

In 2011, Mandy married her high school sweetheart, and quickly introduced him to a life with pets! She has two cats, Oliver and Sullivan, as well as a Golden retriever/lab cross named Boone who likes sitting on laps even though he weighs 70 pounds!

In her spare time, Mandy enjoys running and hiking with her dog. She’s even ran a half marathon, clocking in under her goal time. Her family also does a canoe trip into the Algonquin interior every summer, which is Boone’s favorite part of the year.
Front Office Manager
During her high school’s co-operative career placement program, Caitlin decided to try a placement in a veterinary clinic, thinking it would be a joy to play with the puppies and kittens. Little did she know that she would learn to love the veterinary industry so much that she wanted to work in it for a living!

Caitlin grew up in London and attended the University of Guelph’s Ridgetown location to complete the Veterinary Medical Office Administration program, graduating with honors. She got a job at a London clinic while simultaneously working part-time at the London Humane Society. She applied at Oakridge in October of 2005, working in the kennel area and as a Veterinary Assistant before moving to full-time reception work in the summer of 2006.

Caitlin truly enjoys connecting with clients, getting to know them on a professional and personal level. The feeling of knowing she’s helped someone and their pet is incredible for her. Of course, she also loves being around the animals!

Caitlin lives with her husband Dan and their newborn daughter, Avery. Their furry family member Lo is an athletic mixed-breed. Caitlin can’t wait to start agility training with Lo again soon.

Outside of work, Caitlin has been kept busy with the arrival of baby Avery. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her family.
As a kid, Bailey wanted to be everything from a veterinarian to a marine biologist. After attending college for human medicine training, she knew it wasn’t quite right for her. Having grown up on a farm and fostering a deep love for animals, Bailey realized that veterinary care was her true calling!

Bailey is from Dresden, a small town in western Ontario. Her family farm housed many dogs, cats, chickens, cows, and even a horse. After high school, Bailey attended school for Medical Radiation Technology. Her love of medicine persisted even when she realized the field wasn’t her true passion—what better way to combine her medical interests with her love of pets, Bailey thought, than by working at a vet clinic? She applied here at Oakridge two years after college and was hired on shortly afterward.

Around the hospital, Bailey loves soaking up all the knowledge she can from the experienced veterinarians and support staff. She also enjoys playing with the boarding animals in the backyard—it serves as great exercise, Bailey says, for both the pets and herself!

Bailey and her boyfriend, Brydan, recently bought their own home. They don’t have any pets yet, but plan on bringing home a puppy in the near future. Between work and family life, Bailey still finds time for her biggest hobby, painting. She even sells many paintings online and creates custom artwork for clients.
Sarah grew up on a farm just north of London, and spent a great deal of her childhood riding horses, taming feral barn kittens, and playing with the family dog. It wasn’t hard for her to develop a passion for pet care early on in life! Sarah has been involved with animals her entire life, and is thrilled to continue her veterinary journey as a member of the Oakridge Animal Clinic family.

Upon moving to British Columbia, Sarah adopted her first dog, Carmac. Her pet suffered from chronic renal failure and needed extensive veterinary care throughout his life. Caring for the dog inspired Sarah to delve deeper into animal medicine; she took a management position at her local shelter, and then accepted a job at the veterinary clinic that cared for Carmac. When she moved back to Ontario, Sarah started working at a rural mixed-animal practice before joining the Oakridge Animal Clinic team as a receptionist.

Here at the hospital, Sarah enjoys using her behavioural training to help visiting dogs feel more comfortable in the clinic environment. She also loves to learn new things every day. Most of all, Sarah likes forming lasting relationships with the area’s pet owners and their animal companions.

In her free time, Sarah runs her own pet-behaviour consulting business and also likes reading, running, and hiking. She lives with two dogs of her own: Shorty is a rescued Corgi mix, and Mulder is a Belgian Malinois that Sarah regularly trains in scent-detection and protection sports.
Jamie enjoys seeing pet owners forming lasting bonds with their furry friends, and even finds working with pets quite therapeutic. For her, working in the veterinary profession was the only career choice that made sense!

In high school, Jamie got involved the co-operative career program. She was originally hired at Oakridge as a veterinary assistant, and transitioned to reception in 2008. She especially loves seeing new puppies, meeting clients, and showing off the pets to the rest of the staff.

Jamie lives in Strathroy with her three-year-old daughter Cassidy and several dogs: Fly, the Yorkie; Rex, a Jack Russell; and Que, a White German shepherd. In her spare time, Jamie likes being outdoors, especially gardening in her yard. She also likes baking and traveling whenever possible.
Nicole D.
Veterinary Assistant, Facility Manager
Nicole grew up in Dorchester on a hobby farm with horses, cows, pigs, goats, dogs, cats, chickens, and geese. She was always passionate about helping the animals feel better, and it only made sense to pursue a career in the veterinary world.

Nicole took veterinary assistant courses at Durham College. Once she graduated, she applied to several clinics and came to work at Oakridge in October of 2008. Now she’s a certified Veterinary Assistant, and enjoys looking after boarding animals and helping owners understand how to read their pets and care for them when they’re sick.

At home, Nicole has several pets of her own. Jasper is a Retriever mix and is Nicole’s traveling buddy. Riggins is a St. Bernard who loves to be with people, Ace is a short-hair cat with a penchant for chattering, and Daytona is a rescue cat from the clinic.

When she’s not working or taking her dogs on walks and hikes, Nicole enjoys gardening and spending time outdoors.
Veterinary Assistant
Paige has owned pets since she was a young girl, and started riding horses at the age of seven. Ever since she can remember, she’s wanted a job that allowed her to work directly with animals! Paige’s dream simply never changed. Now, she helps the pets and animal owners of her hometown as a Veterinary Assistant.

Paige started here at Oakridge Animal Clinic through her school’s cooperative career placement program when she was in the 11th grade. She loved every second of her time here, and even began volunteering on Wednesday nights on top of her co-op duties. When her program wrapped up, Paige was offered a position as a Veterinary Assistant. She was more than happy to accept, and has been a member of the clinic team ever since. Her favourite parts of the job are learning new things every day, assisting the Technicians, and taking care of pets in the clinic’s boarding facility.

At home, Paige and her family live with several animal companions. They have four cats—Pixy, Dave, Harvey, and Bruce—as well as a Golden Retriever mix named JD who likes to think he is a cat. Paige is still an avid horseback rider, and competes on the provincial level with her partner in crime, a small grey horse named Caz. The pair has made it to the provincial championships five years in a row, and they’ve taken home multiple ribbons during their competitive career!
Veterinary Assistant
Morgan’s obsession with animals started as a kid, when she would beg her parents for every kind of four-legged animal there was. As she got older, she began horseback riding and volunteering at horse camps. The transition to veterinary professional was an easy one for her!

Born and raised in London, Morgan started her co-operative career placement in 11th grade, and was offered a position a few weeks later! Now she’s a Veterinary Assistant at Oakridge Animal Clinic, where she continues to be inspired by the veterinarians and technicians because of their passion for their jobs and the animals they treat.

As an assistant, Morgan especially enjoys taking care of the animals that are boarded at the clinic. She also likes doing nail trims and ear cleanings, and seeing all the necessary steps to get an animal ready for surgery.

At home, Morgan has a nine-year-old ShihTzu named Chase. He had a run-in with a car as a younger dog, but the Oakridge staff worked their magic and he was fine! Morgan also owns a 13-year-old chestnut thoroughbred horse named Chanel.

Morgan still rides horses, and competes on horseback year-round. She even made it to the championship in Toronto last September! She also likes spending time with friends, snowboarding, and being outdoors in the summer.
Veterinary Assistant
Before becoming a veterinary professional, Suzy worked in a variety of fields. She realized that something was missing, and set about finding a career that she truly loved. Thanks to her longtime adoration of animals, one option became quite clear: animal care was the natural choice!

Suzy is a London native, and began her veterinary journey at a local emergency clinic nearby. She worked with Drs. Moffat and Egli for many years, and was happy to join them when they became members of the Oakridge Animal Clinic team. Now, Suzy is proud to serve the area’s pets as one of the hospital’s Veterinary Assistants.

Suzy lives here in London with her partner, Kevin, and their two dogs. The couple has a pug, Gertrude, as well as a cocker spaniel who goes by Klunker. When she isn’t spending time with her family or tending to pets’ needs here at the clinic, Suzy loves to paint. She even sells her work online and does custom paintings for clients around the area!
Veterinary Assistant
Amanda has adored the company of pets ever since her earliest days growing up just outside of Lucan, Ontario. For her, caring for animals professionally simply makes sense! She’s able to put her passion to good use on a daily basis as one of Oakridge Animal Clinic’s Veterinary Assistants.

Amanda attended the University of Guelph’s Ridgetown Campus to study veterinary technology, graduating and becoming registered in 2014. She joined the Oakridge Animal Clinic family in 2017 and couldn’t be happier—she particularly likes tending to the hospital’s boarding visitors, and gets great satisfaction from knowing that a pet has a soft place to cuddle up, a dish full of fresh water, and a full stomach from dinnertime!

Amanda’s interests outside of animal care include photography, reading, traveling, spending time outdoors, and crafting. She lives with her boyfriend and a menagerie of pets. They have two dogs, Stella and Jax; a pair of cats who go by Kiwi and Aurora; two rabbits; and an African dwarf frog named George.