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Welcome to Oak West Animal Clinic – Your Trusted London & Riverbend, ON Vet!

As humans, we place a lot of emphasis on doctors having a good bedside manner. What about our pets? Don’t they deserve to be treated with the same respect, attention and care?

At Oak West Animal Clinic, an established London area vet, we believe that animal health care should be personal. We pride ourselves on the warm, welcoming, family atmosphere of our clinic and the genuine affection we have for our clients and their animal companions.

We offer modern treatment options and always place the individual needs of each patient first. This approach enables us to provide your loved one with the most precise and effective care available in the London, ON area.

If your London or Riverbend vet leaves much to be desired, we invite you to consider partnering with us. Together we will work toward the shared goal of helping your four-legged family member enjoy an amazing life. Call or stop in any time. We look forward to meeting you both!


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